Welcome to Strategy Links!

We’re here to help you… whether you’re looking to:

  • Learn entrepreneurial skills to guide your business future,
  • Launch your own personal business, or perhaps,
  • You have questions about how to scale up

  • … no what you have in mind, guaranteed, it starts with one step at a time.

    That’s why our logo is all about links. I’m not offering instant get rich, quick fix solutions. I want to share with you the links in the strategy chain that will empower you to move forward today, and tomorrow.

    What’s My Philosophy?

    You may have seen it on Twitter or Facebook. Here’s what I live for: To influence positive changes in life by working with smart people who want to serve others & build a good life doing it.

    As Donald Miller has said, “Every human is a hero in his or her story…” I want you to feel like you can serve others and be the hero you are meant to be, and to stay for the long term.

    What Does This Mean For You?

    I want to help you create a business based on the right skills, the ones that, practically speaking, guarantee your success. Strategy Links brings you the best Training and tools to help you make good decisions about your new business, to get you started, to create a good roadmap and sound plans so you know each day what you need to do to get from here to there to become everything you dream of.

    What Do I Have Here For You?

    I have collected great Training on every topic I have seen in today’s online world with the specific intention of making them available to you. There are Training videos worth more than $28,000 here. There are social media materials- ebooks and how-to articles that will answer any question you may have on each of the major platforms. What else can I say? This library is a gold mine of information, and it’s all waiting for you. I’m not selling you on an MLM system (though there are some good ones out there). I’m not here to get you to sign up for a free trial.

    I’m here to help wanna be entrepreneurs who are frustrated because the thing they want to join is way beyond their skills and they feel they cannot succeed. Sound like anyone you know??

    Yes, there is a cost for this library of tools. But it isn’t $28,000! There are free tools, and premium tools- of course. You decide what you need and what will give you the confidence to succeed, and set your own learning pace.

    You can use the search feature to quickly find an area of interest or navigate the site map for more ideas and resources.

    Either way, I’m confident you’ll find every interesting tool and helpful information with tips to get you started.

    If you have a question, please use the contact form and let me know. I’m here to help!
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